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About us

About us

Business activities:

- Business travel services, hotels, restaurants;
- Trading kinds of alcohol, cigarettes produced in the country;
- Business travel services for domestic, international
- Business services for office rent. Entertainment services;
- Shipping tourists;
- Trading agent: fertilizer, fuel and other petroleum products;
- Trading, mining and processing of agricultural products;
- Trading materials, equipment and facilities for tourism;
- Service broker recruiting workers for labor export enterprises;
- Service Broker Enrollment for the units are functional training;
- Trade of goods for tourists;
- Venture capital investment contributed financial and investment projects;
- Sales of other trades in accordance with the provisions of the law.
Organization chart:
Board of Directors Company:
- Board of Directors:
  + Mrs. Nguyen Thi Mai Huong - Chairman
  + Mrs. Nguyen Thuong Huyen - Commissioner
  + Mr. Tran Dinh Phuc - Commissioner
  + Mr. Pho Thien Son - Commissioner
  + Mr. Le Hong Xanh - Commissioner
- Supervisory Board:
  + Mrs. Le Thi Thu Huong - Head of
  + Mr. Nguyen Tien Thien - Commissioner
  + Mrs. Le Khanh Linh - Commissioner
- Board of Directors:
  + Mr. Tran Dinh Phuc - Deputy General Manager
  + Mr. Thai Hong Nha - Deputy Genaral Manager
  + Mrs. Le Thi Hong Gam - Deputy Accountant
 Process of formation and development:
Corporation Petroleum Phuong Dong Tourism (PTC) is a precursor state enterprises Phoenix hotel then Hotel Tourism Company Orient, established by Decision No. 2057 QD / UB 26 / 12/1994 People"s Committee of Nghe An province. On April 2, 2007 approval of the provincial People"s Committee of Nghe An, Petro Vietnam National Company has received hotel Travel to Eastern as unit members and renamed the Tourism Company Oil Air Orient (PTC). On January 21, 2008 Tourism Company Orient Petroleum Congress held shareholders established and officially renamed Corporation Petroleum Phuong Dong Tourism.

Address : No.218 Le Duan Street, Vinh City, Nghe An, VietNam
Phone : 038.3845527 - Fax: 0383.593.479

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